Deeply Grateful at 44

This is what 44 looks like

This is what 44 looks like

It has been an amazing and fabulous year. Did a lot of traveling around the world and partaking of a lot of divine food that nourished not just my body but also my soul.  Reconnected with favorite old friends, forged stronger bonds with ever-present ones, reconciled with those I was estranged from for reasons I can barely even remember, and made new delightful discoveries of kindred spirits who have been waiting to cross paths with me. Have been introduced to new music and been captivated by new stories.  There’s a spectacularly-lit movie montage with a killer soundtrack unfolding in slow motion in my overwhelmed mind right now of the more than 40 greatest hits — unforgettable moments — of the year just passed.

My prayers in recent years have been all about thanksgiving. In my 20s, it was all about please-give-me-this-and-I-promise-I-will-do-that. In my 30s, it was please-take-this-pain-away-I-just-want-to-be-healed. And now in my 40s, thank-you-for-this-awesome-life-and-please-open-up-others-to-their-awesome-lives-too.

Oprah is right. Gratitude elevates your life to a higher frequency. Appreciating what shows up in your life changes your personal vibration.

My life truly began when I turned 40 and it just keeps getting better each year. When you slow down, take the meandering approach, and improvise your way through each new day on the road and embrace the amazing possibilities a journey promises, you are rewarded with a truly breathtaking, awe-inspiring life. Serendipity, synchronicity, and miracles are everywhere everyday!

I learned that a great life is not really planned, it is just lived and loved. It is not about a set schedule, a regular routine, a stable job, a steady income, a fixed career path, or a checklist of things to do and milestones to accomplish. It’s about opening your heart, keeping the faith, remaining hopeful, and being generous with your love, love, love! Because we are always embraced by the arms of the universe and God always provides.

I am grateful to grow older and wiser. Not everyone has been given that privilege.