Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen

If you cannot go to the bukid, the bukid will come to you. So when my colleagues at the Mindanao Commission on Women (MCW) suggested we eat at “Balik Bukid” for lunch, my first thought was “how far do we need to travel for that?” Turns out it is very close to our office in Juna Subdivision, Matina because there is a “Balik Bukid” along Quimpo Boulevard (near another favorite, “Yellow Fin”).

And they were able to recreate the farm atmosphere with their bahay kubo (nipa hut) restaurant and an urban garden of vegetables growing in recycled containers just outside.  Even the furniture inside the restaurant are made of recycled materials and you have to visit it to see how creative and innovative they are with their design.

Lifestyle feature article on Mindanao Times on March 4, 2014

Lifestyle feature article on Mindanao Times on March 4, 2014

But the food, of course, is the main attraction. It is where you go to have slow food (as opposed to fast food) made of fresh, local, and organic ingredients. They bake their own bread daily with fresh herbs and organic cheese. Their salads are freshly picked so the vegetables‘  nutrients are optimally rich. Their juices are fresh produce in season harvested at its peak state so you get all the benefits. They do no mess so much with nature by mixing a lot of fancy sauces and enhancements to old favorites. They let the natural flavor of the fresh produce ooze and burst in your mouth the way it should be.  My favorites are their bread, their mango juice, their salads, and their blue (from the blue ternate flower) and yellow (from the turmeric) rice.

My life is already complicated with a lot of artificial stuff so I want my food to be simple and organic. I may be a city girl but I still prefer my nourishment coming from a real farm.

First appeared on Mindanao Times, March 4, 2014