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Nail Art: An Exercise of Women Power

The original plan was just to get a haircut and then head to the mall for lunch and a little shopping with the kids.  But then Tonette’s stylist (as in nobody touches her hair except him), Ambet Sagum of Salon de Timog, mesmerized us with his dazzling black metallic nails and we were hooked. So […]

Turning 40 in Beijing

Everything in Beijing is huge and grand. So naturally if I wanted to make a big deal out of my 40th birthday, I should do it here. And I did, thanks to my generous mother, who shared some of her retirement savings to give Neil and me a birthday made in China. Neil was born […]

Defying Gravity at 40

I am writing this while listening to “Defying Gravity” from my favorite Broadway musical, “Wicked.”  This song is my anthem in turning 40 this year and the soundtrack of my life for 2010. So allow me to use the song lyrics as an accompaniment while I take stock and share some important insights I gained this year. […]

Our Cu Chi Tunnel Experience

(Second of Three Parts) They say life begins at 40. And we say nothing beats beginning your 40th year than going inside the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam. As I wrote last week, we celebrated our friend Mayie’s 40th birthday in Vietnam. Mayie, Neil and I have been friends for more than 25 years now […]

Mayie’s Vietnamese Birthday

(First of Three Parts) Vietnam is not on my top destination choices for a vacation simply because for someone born in 1970, it is not really a place but a war.  But one of my closest friends since high school and my “kumare,” Anna Marie “Mayie” Monteverde Sencio, wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday (and […]