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Deeply Grateful at 44

It has been an amazing and fabulous year. Did a lot of traveling around the world and partaking of a lot of divine food that nourished not just my body but also my soul.  Reconnected with favorite old friends, forged stronger bonds with ever-present ones, reconciled with those I was estranged from for reasons I […]

Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen

If you cannot go to the bukid, the bukid will come to you. So when my colleagues at the Mindanao Commission on Women (MCW) suggested we eat at “Balik Bukid” for lunch, my first thought was “how far do we need to travel for that?” Turns out it is very close to our office in Juna Subdivision, Matina because […]

Green Pastures Under Gray Skies

When Davaoeños have to go to Metro Manila (because I don’t think we really want to, right?), we are filled with dread. We immediately get stressed thinking about the traffic (sure, we have school zone speed limits now, but at least vehicles are moving); the pollution; the smoking; the alarming crime rate (at least, here there are […]

Bon Appétit: Eating French at Davaoeño Prices

Eating French conjures images of fine dining in a fancy setting with strict dress codes and snotty waiters mocking your difficulty in pronouncing the expensive items on the menu.  And for basically laid-back Davaoeños who avoid everything pretentious and anything that would require them to go through all the fuss of dressing up just to […]

Will Davaoeños Love Starbucks?

And so it happened.  Starbucks has come to Davao City courtesy of the newly opened Abreeza Mall.  A friend of mine, a dermatologist, told me how shocked her well-traveled 13-year old daughter was when they first visited Abreeza.  “Mom, why are people lining up to go to Starbucks? It’s just a store that sells coffee,” […]

Invest in Your Kids’ Summer Vacations

I asked my 12-year old goddaughter, Alexie Sencio, with whom we have been spending our summer vacations for two consecutive years now, if they are asked in school to write an essay about how they spent their summer vacation. Alexie gave me a puzzled look as if I just asked her a very strange question. […]

Angelo Reyes’ Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is a means of getting out of a difficult or unfavorable situation. It is also a strategy to mitigate failure. At worst, an exit strategy is a way to save face.  At best, an exit strategy will achieve an objective far more valuable than the cost of continued involvement. Yesterday morning, former […]

Tara, Go Na to Tarragona

The most memorable trip we took in 2011 was not to a destination that needed a passport or a visa.  It just took us three and half hours drive from Davao City and we did not need to pack a lot of stuff. In fact, we wore clothes that we were most comfortable in since we were […]

When Urbanites Go to a Farm Fair

City folks that we are who operate on a different time zone, we naturally came late to the Malagos Farm Fair on Sunday, August 8th, the second and last day of this first-of-its kind event in the country.  Our late noon arrival was greeted by Davao rain and some people were starting to get into […]