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Forgiveness Is Not The Opposite of Justice

The subject of forgiveness weighs heavily on my mind these days. For one, I just learned that my biological father who abandoned us in 1972, just before martial law was declared in the Philippines, has died. Then, the 30th anniversary of the People Power in EDSA has brought again the issue of whether or not […]

People Power in 2016

I was attending the National Secondary Schools Press Conference (NSSPC) in Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo  representing Region 11 in a competition on editorial writing when a very excited program host interrupted the Miss NSSPC talent show with this announcement: “Marcos has left Malacañang!” The adult teachers and administrators were all jumping up and down and clapping […]

Stop the Corrupt

It was a very passionate Valentine’s Day celebration for me last week. First, I started the weekend dancing with grassroots women, young activists, and indigenous peoples as a creative expression of our collective rage against all forms of violence against women through the One Billion Rising campaign. It was exhilarating dancing to that distinctive Mindanao […]

A Young Woman in an Older Man’s World

My career in media and politics has thrown me into the inner corridors of the so-called “Old Boys’ Club.” I was allowed in because either I was their executive assistant or their speech writer or their political campaign manager or their chief-of-staff. These are positions that are crucial to any politician’s life, the type of […]

Yellow as the Color of Opportunism

As far as I can remember, yellow has always been my favorite color. As a little girl, I picked stuff up simply because it’s yellow. Anything yellow gets my attention and draws me to it like a magnet. People in my life give me gifts in color yellow. My friends greet me  “Yellow!” instead of […]

Barbie’s Sales-Motivated Makeover

So Barbie, that iconic doll from Mattel, is now 57 years old and she just got a makeover. Barbie is the first fashion doll with a three-dimensional adult form. She is the first doll with breasts! Before her, girls played with baby dolls and paper dolls. Barbie became the standard of how females should look […]

What About National Holidays for our Women Heroes?

December 30 is Rizal Day and my smart little feminist goddaughter, Gabbi, 10, asked her mom, Lorna, this question: “Mom, how come we are not commemorating the birthdays and death anniversaries of Tandang Sora and Gabriela Silang? Is it because they are women?” It is a very good question to reflect on as we prepare […]

Why Can’t We Love Mar?

Now that Mar Roxas seems to be in a word war with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, people are starting to remember that Mar is also running for president. So maybe Mar saying that a peaceful Davao City is a myth is a good publicity stunt. He finally got some attention and, if the […]

Maternity is an Ability, not a Liability

When Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that he is taking two months of paternity leave after his wife Priscilla Chan gives birth to their daughter, discussions on paternity leave and parental benefits exploded on social media. Americans are making a big deal out of Zuckerberg’s announcement and comparing it to Yahoo CEO […]